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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lifestyle Nutrition Program – Patient Testimonial


I wish to thank Private Physicians Medical Associations and Stephanie Lapinski for offering their weight loss/lifestyle change program – “Our Essential Edibles” – Simple Foods for Health

With Dr. Van Meter’s oversight and Stephanie’s direction, education, and follow up, I’m down 45 pounds from 305+ pounds. I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist (46” to 40” almost ready for 38” belt). My health outcomes have changed positively and dramatically. Some of my lab values over the years reached the ‘high risk’ (red numbers) and ‘intermediate risk’ (yellow numbers) but after my weight loss, they all moved to ‘optimal’ (green numbers). My blood pressure dropped to normal and I also eliminated two other medications during the process. There were no drugs, shots, special foods to buy and no hype. I learned to change my eating habits and make better, healthier selections of the foods I choose to eat. I’ve eliminated the breads, rice, and potatoes while switching to vegetables, salads, fruits, healthy fats plus all types of meats, chicken, turkey, and fish. By eliminating certain carbohydrates, I’ve reduced my abdominal bloating and feel so much better. By eliminating sugars, I’ve reduced my body’s inflammatory process. I have more energy, less aches and pain, feel lighter, and no longer carry a rim of fat bulging over my belt. An example of just one simple change was to choose the “protein style” lettuce wraps for sandwiches or hamburgers. I eat healthier, drink more water, stopped sodas and sugars, walk for exercise, and follow Stephanie’s “Our Essential Edibles” program with Dr. Van Meter’s oversight. – Bob K.

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